Very special value!!!! For KTC credit card members, receive an 18% discount when purchasing i-Insure travel insurance both domestically and internationally. Just enter the discount code “KTCKPI”

19 January 2024


Period of participation in the program From now until 31 December 2024

Promotion i Insure KTC NEW 1440x943 1

*Promotion Conditions

  1. This promotional program (“Promotion”) has been jointly created by Krungthai Card Public Company Limited or KTC and General Insurance Broker Company Limited to provide benefits. To all types of KTC credit card members (“members”) who purchase KPI i-Insure travel insurance from Krungthai Panich Insurance Public Company Limited. and pay the insurance premium with KTC credit card (“card”) via the website  during the period 1 January – 31 December 2024 only. We reserve the right to exclude KTC Cash Back credit cards, KTC credit cards, National Blood Center, Thai Red Cross Society, KTC credit cards for government agencies. Unable to join this program
  2. When members agree to purchase KPI i-Insure travel insurance from Krungthai Panich Insurance PCL. And pay for insurance premiums with a KTC credit card via online channels and receive an 18% discount when entering the discount code “KTCKPI”
  3. We reserve the right to exclude spending amounts via the card. that arise from refund items resulting from cancellation of policy purchases and/or refund items resulting from every refund to be calculated to provide benefits according to this list
  4. Benefits according to this list Cannot be exchanged and/or exchanged for cash or transferred to others.
  5. We reserve the right to grant, cancel, revoke or recall benefits according to this program. whether in whole or in part Including calling for compensation for damages (if any) if it is found that the right to participate in this program has been used dishonestly, dishonestly, or fraudulently in order to obtain rights in this program. or breach the conditions or objectives of using the card or the member cancels the spending transaction and/or cancels the policy after the member has already received the benefits
  6. We reserve the right to provide benefits according to this list to members who maintain their membership status. and has no history of defaulting on repayments Throughout the program period until the date KTC has provided benefits to members according to this program.
  7. KTC is not involved with the products and/or services and/or insurance products under this list. Coverage benefits and premiums depend on the insurance plan chosen. Coverage conditions and exclusions are as specified in the insurance policy. Please inquire for additional details at Krungthai Panich Insurance PCL. Tel. 02-624-1111 or E-mail: Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, except public holidays.
  8. Buyer members should understand the details of the coverage. and conditions before deciding to purchase insurance every time
  9. We reserve the right to change or cancel details, conditions and/or any benefits in this program without prior notice. and in the case of a dispute KTC’s decision is final.
  10. For more information about promotional conditions, please call 02 123 5000, press 6.

*Buyers should understand the details of coverage and conditions before deciding to purchase insurance every time